yesterday was the day of Valentine. A priest who got married and went against the cruel ruler to express his love for his beloved popularized the phrase “with all the love, your Valentine”. and for a rather unkown diabolical reason, humans decided to keep the idea and make it an annual tradition-to commemorate the theme of the priest who went against the government and as if that wasnt grievous enough, abandoned his spiritual calling  to pursue a taste of the blessed union-a serious scandal that time(lesser now).

in its whole sense, i could not understand the totality of observing valentine’s day. yes, we ought to express love, share our appreciation to those special few, i get that, and at least, this time of the year aside from christmas and thanksgiving, try and be kind to everyone for a day.

i dont understand though why flowers at this time gain extra attention; why the day could never be complete without it. or how human effort should be overly-emphasized with it along with chocolates and red-colored cards with music playing inside; or, how unmanly one would be if you ever neglect to observe any of those listed above.

for the reasons unkown, the general public closely connote roses and Father Valentine’s day, the very essence of our affections; that our emotions, men’s love and affection to be exact,  are measured to the degree on the  grandiosity on how it is expressed. the more over-the-top the gimick gets, the genuine it is.

an obsurd practice, but believing in it or not, its one thing a man should never overlook. unless you wanna see your girlfriend cry.