i find it extremely irritating when people blab against their workplace. i mean as professionals it has always been an unspoken rule that we, as much as possible uphold and reverently be in good favor to the organization we are in as to have good relations with it thus extracting beneficial output and performans as a whole. When we go against it, talk shit about, ruin its reputation, iconize its flaws, it would be like talking bad at ourselves. Obviously because we, ourselves are in it.. we ourselves are under it. we ourselves represent it.. its like the byword americans use, “don’t shit where you it”.
if you dislike the organization so much, why not disband yourself from it?Resign, then vocalize your hurts out loud. but if you think being in the organization is important to you, an institute that share your mission then shut up, suck it up, and look for ways to make it better.