It isnt mainly about the money now, it’s more on intuition. The skill of fashion. The ability to locate the same beauty,sophistication and elegance of coco chanel and gucci but without its death-defying high price.
The part where one can put together scraps of unrecognizable, ordinary, even used clothing with zero percent beauty and turn them into one futuristic art.
I trailed her one day, hoping to atleast capture a glimpse of her sorcery.
i took note on all objects she glanced upon, it felt weird coz each objects made different facial expressions. a smirk on a flowing, summery flower-colored dress at macy’s, a disgust on a green tank top at target, devlish grin on a purple-body-hugging short dress at H&M.
It seem like in a split second she travels through time and sees how these dresses look like in the far future.
With each step, each glance, clothes, accessories are slowly eliminated. only a chosen few are previliged enough to be part of her collection, which at that time,to me, still made no sense. A bracelet, a ring, some sort of sash, a white razor back top with uncomprehendable writings.
She held them like her lost treasures, strutting excitedly like Little Red Ridinghood to her grandma.
The idea becomes more confusing each time a new piece is added.
Im starting to loss hope of understanding her art now, maybe this is but a random pick, never actually intended to organize them into one unique artform, or maybe i was wrong. maybe she wasnt the prodigy i had in mind.
Wait a minute.
Where did she go? She was right infront of me just a second ago.
Where might she have gone?
I ran. heart raising, outrunning my steps. scared not because of the art lost, scared more of lossing the beauty i waited so long to see. each breathe made the infrastructure shrink. Racks of clothing are now like mazes, created to trap me. like Snow White’s prince, i choped my way through the thorned walls of chanel, forever XXI, nordstrom, D&G, Louis vuitton,Marshalls.
Almost running out of strength, i decided to clinch my thirst first at   In&out. to restore my strengh i have to focus on each gulp of their cold rasberry icedtea.
 With each bite of their fresh animal fries and meaty burgers my energy crawls back, slowly my body is transformed, muscles grow, abdomen slowly chiselled. i appear more like jacob black now.
With a spurt of energy, i blasted ahead.
Rejuvinated with keen eyesight and sense of smell, i spotted a familiar figure hid itself in the shadows of one corridor at the farthest end of clothing-filled jungle. i raised my speed up.
i could not allow myself to loss her again this time..nearing the entrance of the veil covered counter, i focused all my energy on my lower cafs to catapolt me into a huge jump.
as the veil slowly opened, i noticed the figure standing in front of the mirrors was her . Bbut wait, why is the room full reflecting crystal glass, is this a trap?is this where she does her magic? and why is she just standing there? was she expecting me?am i gonna die?…… no…
Slowly the figure appears to full form, beauty……she looks different,like Gizelle Bunchen in the red carpet. dazzling.
my jaw dropped. teeth sweating with drool.
The magic was done. the transformation begun and i was too late…
slumped on the floor exhausted. i collected myself.
 i need to know how she does it, i need to know the trick…clinching my magic card from my traussers, i fearlessly stepped towards her. back facing me, she was still tranced infront of the mirror from her transformation, if i must strike, i need to strike now, or my chance would be forever lost.
i moved closer,raised my arm. then moving my face near her  ear, i woke her up with a shove and whispered……”e TRANSFORM pud ko te be, pls… murag c vanessa hudgens pud kuno ko”…..