I’m off for the weekend.

and I could see myself lounging around like a hippo for 3 whole days. wake up 30 minutes past midnight, zombie-walk to the freezer and grab a 3 foot nutrient-filled-vanilla-coated-cookies ‘n cream- choco-fudge ice cream for an early breakfast. life could never be greater- Unless you  purchased a full bed from walmart, that needs assembling.

last week we decided to buy a new bed for the guest room in our brand new apartment. Somehow the idea of moving into a new place  really made an impact on  both of us that  seeing the  room half filled with boxes,unwanted clothes, pair-less shoes,a barrel of toxic waste and some old used tires  was unbearable.

So Jen, the Shop Guru, and  my mom, hit the web to search for the coolest neon- colored- full bed ever.

I’m not a connoisseur in bed mattresses or anything but I’ve always had this idea that beds are for comfort. soft and fluffy. simple. and parts shouldn’t  just fall off when two  100- pound adults decide to jump on them  on a boring Friday night.

before the weekend ended, we have cleaned the room and made ready for the newewst member of our small family. I took out the trash, piled boxes, hand-picked bazillion crumbs off the carpet (since we don’t have a vacuum), eradicated ants, stray horses, guinea pigs.

By monday, UPS called me to bring the package in. what I thought was a full stuffed bed with pillows,  inviting blankets with Canon playing in the background were 3 boxes and a mile long instruction list on how to assemble 6 planks of wood, 89 screws, 52 knots using an inch sized screw driver. it was like boyscout all over again.

IT’S A RIP OFF!  this was nowhere near  the picture they showed. there it was standing and firm and well lighted while these are all wood!After 16 hours of studying the manual(which translates all other languages aside English) we were able to holster it all in, we, as in Jen attaching all the screws and putting them all together while i do the most difficult manly job of internalizing the complex structural schematics.


heres some of the moments from the wedding 05.23.10

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we had so much fun. its weird when its your wedding coz you really cant eat that much … but i heard the food and those little food stuff were really nice too..

photographed by Andy Seo

yesterday was the day of Valentine. A priest who got married and went against the cruel ruler to express his love for his beloved popularized the phrase “with all the love, your Valentine”. and for a rather unkown diabolical reason, humans decided to keep the idea and make it an annual tradition-to commemorate the theme of the priest who went against the government and as if that wasnt grievous enough, abandoned his spiritual calling  to pursue a taste of the blessed union-a serious scandal that time(lesser now).

in its whole sense, i could not understand the totality of observing valentine’s day. yes, we ought to express love, share our appreciation to those special few, i get that, and at least, this time of the year aside from christmas and thanksgiving, try and be kind to everyone for a day.

i dont understand though why flowers at this time gain extra attention; why the day could never be complete without it. or how human effort should be overly-emphasized with it along with chocolates and red-colored cards with music playing inside; or, how unmanly one would be if you ever neglect to observe any of those listed above.

for the reasons unkown, the general public closely connote roses and Father Valentine’s day, the very essence of our affections; that our emotions, men’s love and affection to be exact,  are measured to the degree on the  grandiosity on how it is expressed. the more over-the-top the gimick gets, the genuine it is.

an obsurd practice, but believing in it or not, its one thing a man should never overlook. unless you wanna see your girlfriend cry.

  1. best way to make a good first impression is to make faces, cover you nose, cringe in disgust when you know shes looking at you.
  2.  be absent on the second day. then make a lame excuse of going hiking or vacation after being absent for a month or two.. that will give her time to miss you…or be terribly clueless of you.
  3.  when shes talking, lock your extra-hyperdilated pupils to her pulsating carotid.
  4.  stare blinklessly at her for hours, even half of the day.make her believe your fantasizing bout her.
  5.  (if you can manage to drool while staring, way better. the more drool the better)
  6.  show off when its a sunny day.take your clothes off. show them pale muscles.put on some glitters and dance with the sun. nothing can captivate a cheerleader more than a guy thats glistening in the sun.
  7.  put on tons of johnson’s and johnsons powder.put them all in the face…be as white as jabbowakis’s mask.
  8.  pay off some of you gangster-looking friends (with piercings of course) to harass her. then weakly rescue her from them by staring at her assailants! dont do nething just stare…. let the eyes do its work!
    (pull your eyelids way back to your skull to the point that your muscles ache and your cornea bulges out from its sockets…do the exophthalmus!…gangstah eyezzzzz
  9.  climb to her room at night and spend your night there, staring at her.read her books, collect pieces of her hair, make little-bella hair dolls.
  10.  after the first date, walk her to her house.upon reaching the doorstep, while she’s nibbling with her keys, softly hold her in her arms and move 90% for the kiss.dont go all the way, wait for her to give the 10%.90% of women, judge the outcome of the relationship on the first kiss.”Hitch”

–if it doesnt work, whisper to her ears, “the lion has fell inlove with the lamb”.that works 100% with money back guarantee.

my heart skipped. for the past years, me and him never talked about this. yes we are friends. but as men, we never talked about emotions. never. we mask everything in a charade of muscles and insulting jokes. to cry or simply pout or laugh joyously – to show any inch of emotion, as a real man, was as worse as death- with your hands tied behind your back, needles poking your eyeballs,5 inch nails brushing your gums, and a midget rubbing sand paper on your skin till it bleeds. Excruciating.
One rule my uncle gave me when i got my first strand of pubic hair was, “Today onward you are a man, from now on, never… eve…ever giggle, smirk, or show a bit of heart.”. emotion ,according to him, is a weakness.

well going back to me and my friend. well, yeah. we never really talked about anything at all. i remember singing Destiny’s child’s “stand up for love” with him in the dormitory with all the high notes and hand movements, he was doing Kelly and of course, me, Beyonce. then pretending nothing happend after the notes died down. silence. ( crickets chirping)
it was a guy thing. all guys do that. nothing special.

We give a smirk if we’re happy. nod our head for a greeting, scratch our inner thighs(approximately 2cm away from our groin) when we see something we’re really interested in(some rub their fingers on their nose after), or the basic, fart when we’re really comfortable with you.

He told me he was starting to fall for this girl.
Startling news for him that never really said anything about attraction or women the past 8 years i’v known him. the closest to woman or attraction i heard him talk about would be from Breast-feeding programs we used to run at communities before or sales-lady selling pirated dvds infront of Gaisano( he could spend days bargaining prices); the unlikelyness is so great that one time i had to implement my responsibilities as s friend to defend his name from questions of homosexuality and begging other male friends not to shun themselves from him when he accidentally bumps them from behind in basketball games or going to public bathrooms.
He is a good friend, dont get me wrong. a great one i should say. when i was at my worse he was there for me, throwing pillows at me when i was pretending to sleep. or poking my behind when im writing my notes( that doesn’t sound right) or screaming at my ear,”im home” at 2am in the morning when he’s coming from duty and im sound asleep.

he was always fun to be with… and now he’s falling in love.

As hard as i can, i tried my best to form a smile. i am, deep inside, happy for him. happy that he can finally open up. happy that he found somebody.happy that he found someone great. happy that he’s happy…

but common,im not gonna cry. i’m not making a huge deal out of it. its not like we’re jumping for joy or something.-we’re both adult males. we dont smile. we smirk. happy for you boy!