Going to work with this routine is impossible. i dont know but for some reason everyone started bringing ridiculously mouth-watering, pure-meat enriched lunch.

everyone’s conspiring against me.

Even my patients meals look so appetizing, better than the salad i was having.

this  reminds me of the stories from Jesus going on eating nothing for 40 days. Man, he must have been starving. no wonder the devil said turn these rocks into bread ’cause i’m sure those cold rocks were feeling warm and freshly baked  after the 20th day.

But where can one find the strength to survive 40 days without anything, no food, no water, just meditation? wouldn’t your mind be wondering off  every second dreaming of anything to chew?

well, just to let you know, when i got home my pregnant wife was devouring Spicy beef and Orange chicken. i can’t tell you what happened next.



For some odd reason i am compelled to crawl back to this dark, long-time forsaken corner.

i never thought i’d come writing back again. But after a recent encounter, i am once again enthralled to pick up on an abandoned quest – weight loss.
Just this week, a midst the cold California weather i soaked on Netflix,consuming everything they can possibly offer ( have finished, i think,  almost half of the movies in their storage). One interesting documentary stands out of the rest though, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. it made a huge impact on me that i decided to try it for at least 10 days. i’m curious to see if i can beat the fat truck driver.

so here goes, Day 1.

Three months ago I made a pact with the devil in me to not just loss 60 lbs of weight but also have a physique as manly as spartan warriors, with hardened muscular spheres prettifying every inch of their bronze body, or atleast… closer .

I could not understand how one  who’s covered with hardened tissue and mineral oil could be such a spectacle to behold, or how a guy with a lesser abdominal diameter than mine be more pleasing. 

But like the rest of us,I am hot-wired to be a sucker for conventional beauty. and beauty in our generation is realized by the absence of tasty edibles, exaggeratedly chiseled muscles and crotch grinding leggings.

For the first month i have deligently abstained from eating meat of any kind and decreased my eating of rice to half a cup each day. It has been excruciating, especially when all my coworkers deliberately bring  moutwatering delicacies at lunchbreaks upon hearing of my new found devotion. like she-devils, they  entice me with their wares. But somehow i managed.

The hardest part though was learning how to deny myself the gratification of being full. and with this new lifestyle my extra distended stomach could  barely be filled. Last week, as I was once again dreading the culmination of my short lunch break, I decided to drown my weariness with water as I watch my pig of a coworker indulge himself with his jucy Big ‘n tasty burger with large fries and a coke. with each bite,I gulp my much needed H20; with each fry, a gulp of this abundant life sustaining moisture. at the end of  our break, I emptied  5 liters of our office water- which made our owner and the rest of my officemates to wonder if our water fountain is broken or has a leak or something. And of course, I was there in the corner innocently whistling, trying to look busy and indulged in my work.

With the help of daily push ups and  my girlfriends laundry and groceries I managed to cram in an inch-size-bulge in my upper arm. Biceps. Guns…mine looks more like a seniorita. a miniature sized gun-a miniature sized muscle. but as a budding muscle builder this tiny hope of contractile tissue is a ray of light.

Its a 24-hour struggle, every day of the week. And for an untrained apprentice, each day lasts  a lifetime.  An excruciatingly long lifetime.

For the first month alone, I saved 15 cows, 20 varieties of salt and fresh water fishes, fed 6 malnourished homeless bums and lost…2 lbs.

I may not look like a spartan king now with all his flexed muscles and killer good looks but  for my consulation, at least,I….. saved lives.