(a parallel response to “souls for boys” in the perspective of the girl’s computer.)

a month ago she was wailing.
it’s one thing to make a girl cry but to make her wail would mean something worse. something near dreadful. unmanly.
the word drowning or wreched could not even come close in describing whats she’s going through.
and for me to just sit there and watch her squander her fluids from every pore would be out of character.

but what can i do?
what more can i do? im just a pc. the best i can do is give her connections.

after the devastating news, i was the one she turned to to see her friends. they would talk all day, all night. my insides would be screaming for rest, almost over-heating but i didnt care. i made sure each broadband wave is going her way, granting the fastest server connection this internet-forsaken country could provide-just till she regains her strength. just till she can fully heal. just till she can move on.

but “moving on”, i have learned, is an abysmal pursuit, especial for a human. Yes, they may regain their composure, learn to smile again, function. but deep inside their circuits are crashed, loose screws, they say. everytime they see sad movies, they go to their private quarters and shed fluids, she does… almost everynight. she needs something else…a cure….something more than me. someone.

surprisingly, this week was different.
i could not really recall all her friends’ name but theres this one guy. a peculiar,corky-looking chap.

Not really my first choice for an ideal breed, might even need an extra help on hairstyle and a few hygiene tips. but he will do.
no. he’s not ugly. its just in this age of Zack Efrons and Bradley Coopers he’d be a Kiefer Sutherland, of course, absent his chiseled abs and his athletism in 24( the tv series).

But the good side of this dorky-looking friend that gained him almost all my votes is that he makes her laugh. at night before sleeping, she’d scroll down on their conversation and giggle. i dont understand why she would but she’s been doing that for a couple of nights now… giggle, sit back on her reclining chair, breathes….. and smiles realy wide.
if this is what humans call being happy then im giggling. i love giggling. im happy shes giggling.

its too early to say that something’s developing or that ts gonna be love. im just happy she’s got someone to stay up laughing all night with or be nerdy and silly with.
she might not be fully healed or have completely moved on but where she is now is a huge progress.

she’s smiling more often, looking forward on things again.

and yes, still giggles everytime she chats with the Sutherland guy.

pentium III