And so i finally got the time to watch Alice in her wonderland.  for a CGI-addict, it was like hitting the mother lode of  stimulants and hallucinogens- a 2-hour ecstasy

but in between the  mushroom beverage, unorganized tea-parties, violent killer cards, and a head-dropping queen, i was brought back to when i was scared at nightmares. At monsters. At flying.I wasnt peeing my pants  or anything, but it did take  alot out from me as I  mastered courage to avoid screaming like a pop diva as this huge steroid-induced kitten, with jaws like a great White, appeared from nowhere and chased Alice around…i shouldn’t, lest i lose the chance to impress this  girl sitting beside me, leisurely digesting the 20 dollar popcorn i bought her as if this was another girl-flick movie.

I used to think that these children stories have something….what’s the word?…sinister, about them. Unlike other traditional bedtime stories, this is one of those dual meaning few that has become more popular than their predecessors.

Dwell on it  if you may:

  • Alice and Wonderland- a story of a girl who  faced  conflicts in real life finds solace and comfort as she travels through an underground world she calls, Wonderland. But it is quite disturbing to note that Wonderland wasnt as relaxing as you might think it is, filled with height altering snacks,  devlish disappearing and flying cat, confusing story plots which diverts to different places instantaniously and  role confusions. a cocktail of extreme dimensions
  • Hansel and Gretel- they’re dad left them in the forest to die just to please their step-mother’s insecurity-talking about abuse and parenting. and mind you, their dad did not just  do this once, but on the second attempt even made sure  they couldn’t find ways to come back.
  • Little Mermaid- she gave up everything she has for the sake of a guy who doesnt even know her or that she exists. and to make everything worse, the time she finally got her man and were suppose to live happily ever after, her mermaid sisters dug a dagger on both lover’s chest ending their lovestory.
  • Peter Pan- lost boys who never grows old. Everything was going smoothly, everybody was happy until Wendy came and  decided to bring all the other lost boys back to the real world with her. Yes, its for the good you might say, but them moving back  meant leaving Peter alone. and when you really think about it, at the end of the story, Peter was alone, with no one to play with except his stubborn shadow.

Children stories, for me, ought to be uplifting and inspiring. They should provide to a child good ideals as well as lessons for life and morals. We should, at this age, soak their sponge-like minds, positive and morally-correct ideas. and especially for bedtime , a critical time of the day wherein memories are stored in the long term brain, it is equally important that  as we set their minds for sleep, as we kiss them goodnight, talk to them about relaxing and peaceful themes. Something that can make their dreams sweet.