Due to recent updates on the Mindanao fiasco,the Philippine president has declared the southern island, Mindanao under Martial Law for at least 2 months or until control is restored and  villanous sources apprehended.

It would seem that chaos is slowly dying down and good is getting the upperhand but recent updates shows that a small faction of the anti-government millitants are combing through the streets of Iligan,the city closest to Marawi, causing small deliquencies to divert the peace-keepers.

One Balik-bayan was kidnapped last night and raped by the so called ISIS-small group. IMG_1341Sources are still unclear regarding the latter but US immigrant Don Himbing was abducted in Iligan City while going around with his local girdfriend.


Persons close to the victim said that the Balikbayan was an ex-CAT personnel and was well versed with hand to hand combat and self defense but due to excessive intake of local foods he was too slow to run and shout for help.


President Duterte with the help of the victim’s wealthy Gold-digger friends,spearheaded by Bam,are pleading the abductors to release Don.

No response from the ISIS group has been received at this time.

*(this is a satire,all information and characters are made up)




My wife has been pregnant for 9months. 40 weeks and 4 days, to be exact. She has been carrying that bulge on her stomach for almost a year now and its getting bigger and creepier every week.

What makes all these difficult though is trying to get used to the constantly growing gap between us everytime i give her a hug, or the occasional barrage of fists and kicks as my unborn son tries to muscle himself out. There was even this one time, i kid you not, he was able to skip songs played from mama’s ipad as she leans the device on her belly to let him listen to genius-stimulating orchestra with nothing but brute strength and pure unadulterated love for good music. My friends say it was just coincidence, i think its raw talent.
in fairness, my wife is nothing but gentle, soft-spoken, easy to handle, disney-like princess all through out this pregnancy, nearly none of the things old folklores warned me about- extra fat, mood swings, big noses, food binging. A Human Blue-whale.

Today we just got word that the baby is
descending a little slower than expected and the plan would be to guide him out by inducing the delivery.

I’m scared. Scared out of my wits

I want to scream.


Eat ice cream.

We went out instead and she did her last strut along the shiny Target floors- last before entering Motherhood.



Going to work with this routine is impossible. i dont know but for some reason everyone started bringing ridiculously mouth-watering, pure-meat enriched lunch.

everyone’s conspiring against me.

Even my patients meals look so appetizing, better than the salad i was having.

this  reminds me of the stories from Jesus going on eating nothing for 40 days. Man, he must have been starving. no wonder the devil said turn these rocks into bread ’cause i’m sure those cold rocks were feeling warm and freshly baked  after the 20th day.

But where can one find the strength to survive 40 days without anything, no food, no water, just meditation? wouldn’t your mind be wondering off  every second dreaming of anything to chew?

well, just to let you know, when i got home my pregnant wife was devouring Spicy beef and Orange chicken. i can’t tell you what happened next.


I’m off for the weekend.

and I could see myself lounging around like a hippo for 3 whole days. wake up 30 minutes past midnight, zombie-walk to the freezer and grab a 3 foot nutrient-filled-vanilla-coated-cookies ‘n cream- choco-fudge ice cream for an early breakfast. life could never be greater- Unless you  purchased a full bed from walmart, that needs assembling.

last week we decided to buy a new bed for the guest room in our brand new apartment. Somehow the idea of moving into a new place  really made an impact on  both of us that  seeing the  room half filled with boxes,unwanted clothes, pair-less shoes,a barrel of toxic waste and some old used tires  was unbearable.

So Jen, the Shop Guru, and  my mom, hit the web to search for the coolest neon- colored- full bed ever.

I’m not a connoisseur in bed mattresses or anything but I’ve always had this idea that beds are for comfort. soft and fluffy. simple. and parts shouldn’t  just fall off when two  100- pound adults decide to jump on them  on a boring Friday night.

before the weekend ended, we have cleaned the room and made ready for the newewst member of our small family. I took out the trash, piled boxes, hand-picked bazillion crumbs off the carpet (since we don’t have a vacuum), eradicated ants, stray horses, guinea pigs.

By monday, UPS called me to bring the package in. what I thought was a full stuffed bed with pillows,  inviting blankets with Canon playing in the background were 3 boxes and a mile long instruction list on how to assemble 6 planks of wood, 89 screws, 52 knots using an inch sized screw driver. it was like boyscout all over again.

IT’S A RIP OFF!  this was nowhere near  the picture they showed. there it was standing and firm and well lighted while these are all wood!After 16 hours of studying the manual(which translates all other languages aside English) we were able to holster it all in, we, as in Jen attaching all the screws and putting them all together while i do the most difficult manly job of internalizing the complex structural schematics.

Its great to be back here again. Its been pretty hectic this past months with the wedding and changing jobs and moving apartments. and finally, it seems like the dust are slowly settling down, just enough to have a breather.

Thank God.

Well, it seems like i have enough time today so I might put up some long over-due pictures from the past 3 months.. maybe a few will do.

ever since the first kiss, a kiss on her forehead is still one of her favorites

we had to wait for a few minutes for the right sunlight so we started playing in the water

the grass and meadow was great that day..it felt so soft. this was taken in calabasa where the kardashians live.wooot woot

she looks so comfortable here. i dont know but the grass and the wind and her top makes it looks so korean-ish. *wink wink

karen and kathy were there all day to help us. a billion thanks guys. here they provided some extra spice and drama.taken while waiting for the tram

photographed by Andy Seo

yesterday was the day of Valentine. A priest who got married and went against the cruel ruler to express his love for his beloved popularized the phrase “with all the love, your Valentine”. and for a rather unkown diabolical reason, humans decided to keep the idea and make it an annual tradition-to commemorate the theme of the priest who went against the government and as if that wasnt grievous enough, abandoned his spiritual calling  to pursue a taste of the blessed union-a serious scandal that time(lesser now).

in its whole sense, i could not understand the totality of observing valentine’s day. yes, we ought to express love, share our appreciation to those special few, i get that, and at least, this time of the year aside from christmas and thanksgiving, try and be kind to everyone for a day.

i dont understand though why flowers at this time gain extra attention; why the day could never be complete without it. or how human effort should be overly-emphasized with it along with chocolates and red-colored cards with music playing inside; or, how unmanly one would be if you ever neglect to observe any of those listed above.

for the reasons unkown, the general public closely connote roses and Father Valentine’s day, the very essence of our affections; that our emotions, men’s love and affection to be exact,  are measured to the degree on the  grandiosity on how it is expressed. the more over-the-top the gimick gets, the genuine it is.

an obsurd practice, but believing in it or not, its one thing a man should never overlook. unless you wanna see your girlfriend cry.

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