I was 8 when i first realized i enjoyed hearing sermons. Great sermons, that is. I would be there in the front pews with my parents every Saturday scribbling, drawing stickman’s at the corner while church was going through its usual ceremonies. Then just when the Pastor steps unto his pulpit and start his inspired message, i’d slow down and try to listen.

I don’t know what is in sermons that seduces me. Maybe its the stories, true-to-life or made up; or the mystery of Someone,something bigger than me that captivates my attention. Whatever it was it made me twitch my ear a little bit more to catch a word away from our notoriously busy childish church regimen.

I wanted to have that insight. To be a prolific speaker, someone with grace, outstanding wit, and humor that everyone including kids would love.

i needed an inspiration.

Fast forward one and a half decades and still no life-changing message, no redemptive sermons, not even a worthwhile inspiration.

I tried meditating, drugs (aspirins, multivitamins), or the occasional flings with danger.

They say that if you go to life’s extremes, you’ll taste nirvana
Unfortunately, with college and my mom constantly saying ” i love you’s” every time i leave the house and my little fear of heights, going to extremes didn’t feel so nirvana-ish.

Good thing though coz just recently an insight hit me.It wasn’t a near- death experience or a ray of light inside a pitch black tunnel. It came rather in a most subtle medium- sketching.

A past-time learned hand in hand with stories and sermons.

I learned that a message does not always require words. That sermons can also be lived, acted out, and not only preached in a high pedestal. Like plain words a sermon, a testimony can be rhymed, sung, written, grooved out or plastered in paint. Whatever you do best, if u consciously made an effort to let others see God’s love in it could be your testimony, your sermon.


A sketch i made earlier this morning, “”what if… Eden”. It leaves us a question:

what if Adam dropped the fruit Eve handed him? would our world be any different?
Would God separate them as He did with them and Eden? Or would she have died immediately so He can create another Eve for an obedient Adam?