Due to recent updates on the Mindanao fiasco,the Philippine president has declared the southern island, Mindanao under Martial Law for at least 2 months or until control is restored and  villanous sources apprehended.

It would seem that chaos is slowly dying down and good is getting the upperhand but recent updates shows that a small faction of the anti-government millitants are combing through the streets of Iligan,the city closest to Marawi, causing small deliquencies to divert the peace-keepers.

One Balik-bayan was kidnapped last night and raped by the so called ISIS-small group. IMG_1341Sources are still unclear regarding the latter but US immigrant Don Himbing was abducted in Iligan City while going around with his local girdfriend.


Persons close to the victim said that the Balikbayan was an ex-CAT personnel and was well versed with hand to hand combat and self defense but due to excessive intake of local foods he was too slow to run and shout for help.


President Duterte with the help of the victim’s wealthy Gold-digger friends,spearheaded by Bam,are pleading the abductors to release Don.

No response from the ISIS group has been received at this time.

*(this is a satire,all information and characters are made up)




I was 8 when i first realized i enjoyed hearing sermons. Great sermons, that is. I would be there in the front pews with my parents every Saturday scribbling, drawing stickman’s at the corner while church was going through its usual ceremonies. Then just when the Pastor steps unto his pulpit and start his inspired message, i’d slow down and try to listen.

I don’t know what is in sermons that seduces me. Maybe its the stories, true-to-life or made up; or the mystery of Someone,something bigger than me that captivates my attention. Whatever it was it made me twitch my ear a little bit more to catch a word away from our notoriously busy childish church regimen.

I wanted to have that insight. To be a prolific speaker, someone with grace, outstanding wit, and humor that everyone including kids would love.

i needed an inspiration.

Fast forward one and a half decades and still no life-changing message, no redemptive sermons, not even a worthwhile inspiration.

I tried meditating, drugs (aspirins, multivitamins), or the occasional flings with danger.

They say that if you go to life’s extremes, you’ll taste nirvana
Unfortunately, with college and my mom constantly saying ” i love you’s” every time i leave the house and my little fear of heights, going to extremes didn’t feel so nirvana-ish.

Good thing though coz just recently an insight hit me.It wasn’t a near- death experience or a ray of light inside a pitch black tunnel. It came rather in a most subtle medium- sketching.

A past-time learned hand in hand with stories and sermons.

I learned that a message does not always require words. That sermons can also be lived, acted out, and not only preached in a high pedestal. Like plain words a sermon, a testimony can be rhymed, sung, written, grooved out or plastered in paint. Whatever you do best, if u consciously made an effort to let others see God’s love in it could be your testimony, your sermon.


A sketch i made earlier this morning, “”what if… Eden”. It leaves us a question:

what if Adam dropped the fruit Eve handed him? would our world be any different?
Would God separate them as He did with them and Eden? Or would she have died immediately so He can create another Eve for an obedient Adam?

My wife has been pregnant for 9months. 40 weeks and 4 days, to be exact. She has been carrying that bulge on her stomach for almost a year now and its getting bigger and creepier every week.

What makes all these difficult though is trying to get used to the constantly growing gap between us everytime i give her a hug, or the occasional barrage of fists and kicks as my unborn son tries to muscle himself out. There was even this one time, i kid you not, he was able to skip songs played from mama’s ipad as she leans the device on her belly to let him listen to genius-stimulating orchestra with nothing but brute strength and pure unadulterated love for good music. My friends say it was just coincidence, i think its raw talent.
in fairness, my wife is nothing but gentle, soft-spoken, easy to handle, disney-like princess all through out this pregnancy, nearly none of the things old folklores warned me about- extra fat, mood swings, big noses, food binging. A Human Blue-whale.

Today we just got word that the baby is
descending a little slower than expected and the plan would be to guide him out by inducing the delivery.

I’m scared. Scared out of my wits

I want to scream.


Eat ice cream.

We went out instead and she did her last strut along the shiny Target floors- last before entering Motherhood.


Time flew by so fast. it was just a few months back when she first told me we were pregnant. I must admit it wasn’t a sudden elation or a sense of accomplishment that welcomed me. It was more of – am I ready for this?

One thing is true though, every time he moves, every time he gallops, it never fails to keep me wanting, waiting for more.

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Going to work with this routine is impossible. i dont know but for some reason everyone started bringing ridiculously mouth-watering, pure-meat enriched lunch.

everyone’s conspiring against me.

Even my patients meals look so appetizing, better than the salad i was having.

this  reminds me of the stories from Jesus going on eating nothing for 40 days. Man, he must have been starving. no wonder the devil said turn these rocks into bread ’cause i’m sure those cold rocks were feeling warm and freshly baked  after the 20th day.

But where can one find the strength to survive 40 days without anything, no food, no water, just meditation? wouldn’t your mind be wondering off  every second dreaming of anything to chew?

well, just to let you know, when i got home my pregnant wife was devouring Spicy beef and Orange chicken. i can’t tell you what happened next.


For some odd reason i am compelled to crawl back to this dark, long-time forsaken corner.

i never thought i’d come writing back again. But after a recent encounter, i am once again enthralled to pick up on an abandoned quest – weight loss.
Just this week, a midst the cold California weather i soaked on Netflix,consuming everything they can possibly offer ( have finished, i think,  almost half of the movies in their storage). One interesting documentary stands out of the rest though, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. it made a huge impact on me that i decided to try it for at least 10 days. i’m curious to see if i can beat the fat truck driver.

so here goes, Day 1.

The plan was to pack up for the Yosemite camping on the weekend. the highlight of our month… oh,that is, not counting my birthday last week. that was way Fun-ner. free food… Pirates…maiden in distress….. water.Rarr. But this Yosemite trip would be something extra ordinary for us children of the highly privileged. Considering most of us, middle Earth citizens, have never actually seen live fish swimming in the aquarium free water, or have actually breathed carbon less air. im sure most of us would have withdrawals and night sweats with less of it so im packing extra tank filled with exhaust air from our van for extra air flavor just in case people get freaky from too bare O2.ow…ow… and there’ll be fire too.

So predicting it would be cold and nature-ly,we tried adding to our list of foreseen calamity needs tooth-brush, Pokemon band aids( for fatal health emergencies) beef jerky(good for protein),cellphone charger, marshmallows, cheap sleeping bags and a cupboard..?what?

I was going along  reading on features for my starcraft2 game when Jen called me to come over.She had this you’re gonna drop your jaw straight to kingdom-come when you see what I have here – look.

and yes, it was a cupboard. this was no ordinary cupboard too, this was the assemble it yourself if you think you can kinda thing cupboard  much like our cozy nightmare stimulating bed.

Talking her out of it makes snake crawling  the I-5 in the middle of the day look easy and her  smiling excitedly wasn’t helping either.

To grind a riposte, I was gonna comment on the degree of difficulty it would take to put it together but as soon as we reached home, she was on a roll, like a day after Christmas. Like Wall-e and surplus metals. Who knew prepping for camping would end  up rearranging the entire house.

from last weeks’ experience with the bed construction I am now positive that I have married a pure-blooded descendant of the Patriarch Noah.

At least, I don’t have to worry about ants stealing my Honey Bunch Cereals in the middle of the night.